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Online Photo Albums, to let you share your photos worldwide.

Check out our sample album here.
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Get online photo albums for as little as $3.00 Can, ($2.40 US), or even a free version with a little advertising.

- 24/7 access
- easy to use interface
- sort your photos in multiple albums
- password protect the albums of your choice
- customize the look of your albums
- 1 email address
- Website statistics and raw access log

You get a subdomain of your choice at one of many different domains.

We have:
Meaningless domains - (can be used for anything within our TOS)
Interesting domains - (for a little variety)
Domains with a meaning - (semi-focused types of galleries)
Very Focused Domains - (for a specific type of gallery)

Our current choices are: (more options coming)

Pick a URL like:
Use your imagination.

Package Options: ($Can)
PA10 - 10MB space and 2GB of bandwidth - $3/month (or $30/year) free option w/banners
PA100 - 100MB space and 10GB of bandwidth - $8/month (or $75/year)
PA1000 - 1GB space and 25GB of bandwidth - $22/month (or $195/year)
for US prices, multiply by 0.8

Payment Options:
Credit Card or bank account - through Paypal
by mail (yearly option only)
in person (London, ON Canada area)

Sign up here

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Canadian site - ($Can)
international site - ($US)

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