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We can offer you photo quality digital prints at good prices

(from negatives, slides, prints, or digital images)

Photo quality inkjet printers are very affordable now, but if you don't use them enough, you end up having to replace the ink cartridge. Plus, there's more to getting a good print than just sending a digital image to a printer. Getting proper color balance and brightness sometimes takes a few tries, and what if your photos get wet? Inkjet prints are damaged by water, unless they are properly coated. We offer the option of coating the prints with a product made for that purpose. It protects the prints from water damage as well as from UV light to slow down the fading caused by exposure to sunlight.

We currently offer digital printing and will be providing the real thing again, (darkroom, paper, and chemicals), once we get a new darkroom set up. Digital printing will never be the same as real photos.

Here are our digital printing prices:
Your photo must be high enough quality for the print size you want.
See printing limitations below for specs.

print sizefrom digital imagefrom print, neg, or slide2
single print2 or more
(same image or set)
2 x 3$0.99$0.85add 80 per
print, negative, or slide
for scanning fee

The scan is given to you
on a CD in tiff and jpg
format for future printing.
3 x 5$1.75$1.50
4 x 6$1.85$1.55
5 x 7$2.45$2.10
6 x 9$3.45$2.95
8 x 10$3.85$3.25
8 x 12$4.25$3.65
coming soon
11 x 14$5.25no additional fee
for scanning services
12 x 18$7.25
16 x 20$10.50
16 x 24$11.50
20 x 24$14.00
20 x 30$16.00
24 x 30$18.00
24 x 36$21.00
30 x 40$28.00
30 x 45$30.00

Your original image, (in whatever form), is not altered, is handled carefully, and is returned to you safely. Local work is returned in person or can be picked up. Anything by mail is sent registered and insured.

Protective coating is 40 extra for each print up to 4x6, 60 each up to 8x12, $1 each up to 16x20, and $2 each up to 30x45.

black line

Minimum charge is $5 plus shipping.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

If you have any questions, or would like to have some printing done, use our contact form, or email us at service @, without the spaces.

Printing limitations

sourcemax size
photo quality
max size
good quality*
neg or slide - ASA 25no limit (within reason)
neg or slide - ASA 10016 x 2430 x 45
neg or slide - ASA 4008 x 1216 x 24
neg or slide - ASA 8004 x 68 x 12
real photo - wallet size4 x 68 x 12
real photo - 4 x 65 x 711 x 14
real photo - 5 x 78 x 1012 x 18
real photo - 8 x 1011 x 1420 x 24
digital image300 pixels/inch100 pixels/inch
a photo quality 4 x 6 requires a 1200 x 1800 pixel image
a 480 x 640 image will give a fair quality 4 x 6 photo

* May lack sharpness and have noticable grain at close viewing

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