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I can clean and repair a variety of cameras, lenses and more.

I can clean and/or repair almost any 35mm or medium format lens, and do limited work on certain brands and types of cameras. I have also done repairs on flashes, auto winders and other photo and darkroom equipment. If it doesn't require expensive equipment, like for calibration, it can probably be repaired. I'm a photography enthusiast who has played in the field for over 30 years and I have been doing my own repair work for 25 of those years. I started offering my repair services to the public about 5 years ago and have since cleaned and repaired over 100 lenses and a dozen 35mm cameras, as well as repaired a couple dozen flashes, several enlarger lenses, and a variety of other items. I've always been mechanically inclined and as long as special equipment isn't needed, I can probably clean/repair it, even if it's not photo equipment.

Here are some examples of what I can do with approximate prices:
for exact pricing, or to see if I can do what you want, contact me

For repair work from outside of Canada:
This is a Canadian business. I can do repairs from anywhere in the world, but there may be import charges depending on how the item is packaged and shipped. Even correctly packaged items sometimes get additional charges imposed by Customs. Since I pretty much have to pay the charges to know for sure what the item is, you must be willing to pay the additional charges if they are incurred, whether the item can be repaired or not. How much is charged for import fees depends on the marked value of the items, so don't overprice the items you send to me.

Lens repair

  • straighten a dented filter ring - $5 (small ding) to $20 (serious bend)
  • clean oily aperture blades
    manual focus lenses
    lensbasic cleaning1deep cleaning2
    wide-angle$15 to $25$40 to $50
    standard$15 to $25$40 to $50
    telephoto (to 4x)$20 to $30$50 to $60
    super-telephoto$25 to $35$60 to $70
    zoom$30 to $50$70 to $90

    auto focus lenses
    basic cleaning1deep cleaning2
    $25 to $50*currently not available
  • clean dirt or fungus inside lens3
    manual focus lenses
    lenslevel 14level 25
    wide-angle$15 to $30*$20 to $40
    standard$20 to $40
    telephoto (to 4x)$25 to $50
    super-telephoto$15 to $30*$30 to $50
    zoom$40 to $60

    auto focus lenses
    level 14level 25
    $25 to $50*$35 to $70*
  • replace cracked, scratched or pitted lens element - $20 to $70*
    depends on lens and cost and availability of replacement element
1 I just remove the lens elements, then remove excess oil. In 5-10% of cases, the lens will start sticking again over the first couple months and will need to be sent back for more oil removal at no additional cost, just shipping.
2 Major disassembly to remove all oil and relube properly. (a better job, but you can frequently replace the lens with a good used one for less)
3 Fungus causes pitting if left too long. Cleaning will not fix that, but will stop it from continuing.
4 Depends on depth and severity. I only do as much disassembly as needed to clean the elements that need cleaning.
5 Full cleaning. All lens elements are removed and cleaned. I even put them back ;o)
* The price is determined after I inspect the lens. I then contact you for your decision.

Camera repair

  • test shutter speeds - $20 (test only)
  • clean corroded battery terminals (camera or flash contact) - $10 (if not excessively corroded)
  • cosmetic work (replace or repair camera casing part) - $20 and up (depends on cost and availability of part)
  • replace seals (film door & mirror bumper) - $20 to $40 (depends on camera)
  • other camera repair - $20 and up (contact me for a quote)

other equipment repair

Contact me and give as much detail as you can and I'll let you know if I can fix it or not, and give you a price.

All equipment is handled carefully and returned to you safely. Local work is returned in person or can be picked up. Anything by mail is returned to you the same way it was sent to me, so return shipping is the same as what it costs you to send it.

black line

Minimum charge is $10 plus shipping.

All work is guaranteed. You do not pay until the work is done.
deposit may be required for parts in some cases

camera repair limitations - Due to limited equipment, my camera repair service is generally restricted to the older 35mm SLR cameras. The newer fully electronic cameras usually require equipment I don't have. Each camera repair job is an individual case. Just contact me with details and I will let you know if I can do it or not, and give you a price.

Looking for parts to do your own repair?
Contact me with your request and I'll see if I can help.
I have quite a variety of Minolta cameras, a few others, lots of lenses and flashes, and other things as Ill, for parts or repair. I don't have time to repair them all, so if you're looking for a part on something I have, I'll probably sell it to you, and it usually isn't expensive.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss having something done, use my contact form, or email me at service @, without the spaces.

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