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We can do just about anything with your photos or digital images.

(we can work with negatives, slides, prints, or most digital formats)

  • Do you have photos that:
    • have scratches, creases, or tears?
    • faded over time, or are stained?
    • just don't look their best?
  • Do your digital images have imperfections, like:
    • incorrect color, contrast, brightness, or tonal range
    • unwanted black or white specks (usually scans from prints, slides, or negatives)
  • Do you want modifications/alterations done, like:
    • removing a distracting background object
    • blurring or totally changing the background
    • removing red-eye from the picture
    • removing a person from the picture
    • adding a simple or fancy border
    • adding text to a photo
    • special effects, like starbursts or silhouetting

We can do any of these and more. Your original image is not altered and your photos, (in whatever form), are handled carefully and returned to you safely. Local work is returned in person or can be picked up. Anything by mail is sent registered and insured.

We will put some samples of our work here in the near future.
Here is an idea of our pricing:
(shipping not included)
for exact pricing, contact us

  • remove minor scratches or specks from a photo - $5 to $10
  • restore a faded photo, or adjust overall appearance (color, contrast, etc) - $5 to $10
  • remove red-eye from a photo - $5 (1 person) or $10 (2 to 4 people) or $15 (5 or more people)
  • add special effects, text, or borders - $10 to $15
  • image alterations - $20 to $50 and up (depends on complexity and size of image)

black line

Edited images are put on a CD or DVD (your choice). For printing, see our printing services page.

Images are scanned in tiff format, but can also be converted to jpg format for an additional 10%.

Recording to CDs or DVDs is included in price. Additional copies of disks are $4.00 each. We only use quality name brand disks.

Minimum charge is $10 plus shipping.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss having something done, use our contact form, or email us at service @, without the spaces.

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